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Get fit on your terms with our personal trainers available on demand through our smart app. Achieve your fitness goals with expert guidance and tailored training plans.

Main Features

Here are some main features commonly found in Viaggio Application

Scheduling and Booking

Users can schedule and book training sessions at their convenience, with automated reminders and calendar integrations.

Progress Tracking

Tools for monitoring and tracking fitness progress, including performance metrics, goal tracking, and before-and-after visualizations.

Communication Channels

In-app messaging, chat, or video calls for seamless communication between trainers and clients.

Nutritional Guidance

Features providing nutritional advice, meal planning, and tracking to complement fitness programs.

Workout Plans

Customizable workout plans created by trainers based on individual client needs, goals, and fitness levels.

Payment and Invoicing

Secure payment processing and invoicing systems for handling transactions between trainers and clients.

How The App Works

The working process of a personal training platform involves several steps to connect clients with qualified trainers. Here’s a general overview of how a personal training platform typically works

Sign Up/Log In

Sign up for an account on the personal training platform, providing the necessary information. Log in using your credentials.

Access to content

Find the section where all trainers and all partner gyms are displayed. Discover the right trainer and gym for you to enhance your fitness.

Book Packages

After selecting the private trainer, the packages provided by the trainer will be displayed, after which the system will allow you to use the special scheduling features to book appointments and receive reminders.

Billing and Payments

Make sure that your payment details are up to date, after which payment will be made and your package will be activated

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6834.24 SAR

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